Think oneself build a consortium? Is Wo Ma bugle hit very hard? ” legend is lasting ” bring good news for broad ambitious player, should finish hard only build public enterprise job, need not hit fertile Ma hierarch, also can build consortium, oneself are become eldest brother!

Building consortium is not an easy thing, of bugle call of the biggest Wo Ma of difficulty nothing is more… than obtain. Need not say BOSS can be grabbed in numerous elite hand, after also need not saying to hit BOSS, drop do not drop Wo Ma bugle call, sheet is after dropping can collect arrives is a big question, if be met,should not say to have more run Chan Zhixin’s teammate but, should finish only build public enterprise job, you can obtain fertile Ma bugle, need not contend for with other again grab BOSS, also need not be anxious for all sorts of accidents again, can realize oneself consortium simply wild look.

 Building public enterprise job is comprise by a series of tasks, although every difficulty is not tall, but should reach entirely also be not easy to do thing. After part of the move when the NPC that saving than surprising accepts the job, want all previous to be blamed via hitting and collect the altogether such as makings of commissariat, iron, timber, stone 7 reexamination check, ability wins final award. The process is here medium, need good patience and will, might as well the young associate of the have a common goal on the belt is finished together.

6, to Wo Ma cloister kills blaze Wo Ma and Wo Ma battle to will collect Wo Ma your card (small) , make its synthesis for Wo Ma again card (big) , altogether needs to hand in 10 Wo Ma your card (big)

The consortium cannot help doing sth of others, oneself him consortium is done advocate! Finish build public enterprise job, want 7 conditions only, in can realizing a heart wild look, ” legend is lasting ” the consortium in expecting more person builds him heart!

” legend is lasting ” it is grand game is used visional the 3D of own research and development locks up 3 engine perspective MMORPG is large end swims. It continued of legend series play law and strong PK character, inheritance the professional system that war doctrine, withheld the former juice raw ingredient of classic version, it is the 3D legend that north fights atelier to be dedicated to making.

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