Before Persia kingdom Sudan is leading main forces and his prince, go assaulting a small neighbouring country, the wall when main forces was surrounded is long however attack no less than; At this moment the king of the city when the national division mutiny in the city was killed. And capricious princely do sth without authorization leaves a team to kill in entering a town. Spread out from this whole the brigade of the Persia myth that strange unreal not measures.

A gang soldier is preparing to swing open a gate with stake. Unexpectedly something unexpected may happen any time, suddenly the egg egg that car of a jackstone launchs hit them a phoenix dance is empyreal. Look relying on them to open that door is hopeless. The stone maybe of right decline can go up. Also bones and muscles of activity of activity of as it happens. Although the city wall in front leaves standing platform to one break height, but this does not pour cheesy Persia prince hard. The method climbing a wall that uses special act climbs a city wall easy to doly. The first enemy was encountered after a tower that crosses right – those who use pike is small sufficient. Hum, as it happens takes knife of hold a memorial ceremony for. Dry he is easy as my eyes. Use wooden ladder to continue oneself distance. Chop one after another kill the past. After arriving at one place platform there are 4 enemies before discovery, and the road of ahead also was broken. Right now as it happens has an egg egg to shoot made a large deficit to the wall. See antecedents be certainly over there. First dry those are small says again. The build by laying bricks or stones on wall comes out wave brim can be climbed climb the past. Him feeling resembles the tadpole on staff, go up to fall suddenly suddenly. Risking or to drop eventually go down the danger that or is broken dead by jackstone car jumps into that cavity. The door that or so both sides discovers after solving the enemy was locked up. Fortunately a big stone column was not interrupted by a moment ago jackstone. It is OK that the height that uses it uses pedal to jump 2 buildings go to pop-up. Use 3 post to make pedal jump, get on 2 buildings and blame a trouble.

If in front exsanguine and overmuch word, here at the beginning the divine water that spring can be cure injury. Drink full later mount again. Use special action to to step on the wall can pass continuously across. Ahead also needs to use pedal wall past. The platform that because want,arrives nevertheless and wall have 90 degrees turn. Need is in pedal wall end paragraph reuse turns over pedal to jump to go across. The Gaotaike after jumping over the 3rd spring turns over pedal pop-up with using + of art climbing a wall. Will to the prince in a hall discover a very big glass sandglass is sending dazzling ray. A fenestella on the side can see inside have a glisten dagger. Continue to use art climbing a wall and pedal to jump over the left of the hall. On the floor below already much mechanism. It is not difficult that when be certain, machine thrill through goes. Wave it is OK that brim is remained the place that also must use. Only ability goes here. Jump over the audience hall that a decline is after here. The rear system of the cave in cannot have passed through normally. Those who use cliff to go up wave brim climbs the past. Wave the ceaseless cave in of brim, 新上海贵族宝贝论坛

continue to do the tadpole on staff only, use next columnar and OK going to before an a bit open platform. A tower of lofty Ormazd Si Peng. Of graceful button statuary be located in in the middle of indicate this once was a sacred shrine. On the shoulder that uses the both hands that God stretchs to climb it. Use ceaseless pedal to jump next the top of head that jumps to God. (graph 2) is the place that a moment ago put dagger so the top of head of his a respectful form of address for an old person? Affront. The tremendous stone column on the jian hou mian that takes dagger fell down suddenly. That dagger in the hand gives out dazzling ray suddenly, the stone on the head was retreated again unexpectedly. Prince is in open-eyed the might of this dagger when, that megalith answer object come down. Had shined fortunately at the same time. Look this dagger has the function that time goes backwards. As a result of a moment ago megalith. Make whole palace is immersed in the condition of danger building. Whole audience hall is in ceaseless crumble. After the door from the side goes in, discovery was returned again just see putting the sandglass hall that gives out bright ray in. And father king appears to also be very interested in this glisten thing. Coming down its discharge to move in constituent manpower come home collect.

Fistfight skill: Mouse 2 it is defence. If face the enemy to press bouncing word to be able to to step on the enemy’s body jumps to backside to throw a person, have the effect very much.

Control pedal wall: The leap after pressing the wall on special action can jump to opposite that one side, if this one act repeats with respect to what need not break if bounce goes to another again, can using a space is not very far two sides wall go up or went down. Behavioral difficulty basically is the control of key-press extent.

Time returns: Grow to be able to be used by R, main effect is in returning 10 seconds when you operate error before. Need to expend force of labor of one case yellow every time.

Different dimension space: After use dagger strikes the enemy, the enemy can be resembled by petrifaction same not active. Chop it to be able to end its death again right now. Need expends force of labor of one case white.

SAVE dot: A lot of a lot players cannot find memory to nod, the when gravel that there is maize ray on the ground actually is namely. And the hint of pass a barrier that you can give some of below one the central Shaanxi plain if be being entered for the first time.

Additional physical power: When player place remnant when physical power is not much, regular meeting feels puzzled. Why to enrich the blood east east ah? The place that should have water only actually is OK and compensatory physical strength.

Animation of cross the stage: Assaulted main forces is triumphal and return. Bolt is worn the MM that a lot of captive come to and strange precious return old home. And the daughter princess Farra of the city Sudan when also is listed in its. In palace, everybody is enmeshed in triumphal joyance. In the abet of national division, prince pricks dagger to sandglass then with what choose. Then whole world was changed. Ahriman installs case to pull. Graceful button was released. The of 3000 battle of genial god breaks out once more. Whole palace is the cadaver that is dominated by Ahriman. And father king also was not predicted in the life and death in explosion. Gong Ren broadcast…

The eyewinker has been completely in the hall. The shelter that these eyewinkers have Ahriman is dozen of amaranthine. Far has the thing with glisten caboodle. Looking is the is used at seal Ahriman when gravel that leak comes out then. Must look for their all.

Show a body when dark force at disgraced when, the earth began to shake. Si Shan of moxa road cloth and the mountain range that its are linked together also for counteractive demon army and in succession apophysis. Palace also has been in a cave in more. From be gone in not completely still by the iron gate that content masks the cave in. Discover Farra is running to corridor. Just wanted to collapse produces again when forereach goes, the road of corridor was stemmed. Can circle the past from the side only. S上海夜网

tair is broken, use successive pedal wall to go down; There is a gravel when below the stair that rupture. Receive it first with dagger. The flagpole on left wall can be used clutch staff whirly jump pop-up goes. Use pedal to jump next catch the lever on to swing the balcony. This closes clutch staff whirly jump utilization rate is very high. And use this to enrol ability to go certainly. Another room is entered after a covered corridor or walk that crosses a cave in. Looking here is kingly dormitory. There also is a foreign body below patrolling. Catch lever to pass across. Here cannot swing the past all the way again. Want to fall to have to use pedal wall across across 3 flagpole. Ordinal fall, can fall dead otherwise. Here the eyewinker need not manage at all it, also hit anyway not dead. Receive left flagpole to be in continuously. Use turn over pedal to clutch staff. Next recycle lever does fulcrum to swing a wall to go up to turn over pedal to clutch staff again (the = of a bit complex Ye that is like me to say. = sees a picture 3) . Cross corridor, here has a gravel when to be able to call in. After the technology that uses all knowing goes up, coming to is the world of water and blue completely. Hollowness and beautiful. After prince drank the water in a central cistern, leading role returned the place that just passes suddenly. Just former hole has been sealed. Be forced to continued to go downward.

Encounter Farra suddenly here, she told prince to produce what thing after all, and let him must look for the gravel when entirely. Right now the eyewinker is raided, prince lets Farra foregone, oneself stay independent accept a challenge. Corridor left has the gravel when one place. After jumping over the corridor that rupture, the sky outside princely discovery has been an eccentric person that flying everywhere. And the sandglass when a few still is procrastinating only flies across go in the castle. Had been destroyed so that do not become the palace of appearance by the earthquake, all passageways had lost original function. Can fly through the content such as the post that rupture or wall only. Notable is, what some post leave is further, need uses pedal wall to be in next turn over pedal to arrive on post. What there can be post on general wall is umbriferous, arrive when prince over there when can take off. (graph 4) after the gravel when drawing two part one after another, the post in front is already short cannot catch again. The wall that can split from the side only goes up and down. After circling a big group, jump from platform catch slip to post go down. The eyewinker below sometimes gravel shelters, look fierce fight unavoidable.

Absorb: Similar ” ghost dance person ” ghost tooth can absorb the when gravel in eyewinker body. But can absorb on Koed eyewinker only. And, if by knockdown if in the enemy of the ground you do not absorb the gravel when, so wait for it a little while to be able to restore to come over again.

Clutch staff whirly jump: Or climb post or use wall to rebound clutch staff. Make by special action key the person swings next. Can arrive at next eye punctuation by leap subsequently. But do not bolt by leap one after another, because whirly speed is dropped not quite,can go down otherwise.

Fistfight skill: Different dimension space, if striking the enemy with dagger, the enemy can be sent into another slow-motion world. Chop enemy of on one knife to be able to be done obeisance to at this moment did obeisance to. But need uses up that half-moon gas. Can use nevertheless absorb fill time.

Push that wood cabinet that key of on one the central Shaanxi plain hints, it is a channel that can go so. Was the bridge of ahead collapsed by shake again (Yi? Why should be I used? ) look or must use pedal wall to jump. Ahead has an office, need is pressing ability to go with the wooden case on the side. An old hall that showing thorn white light is unexpectedly inside. And have abyss. The ring tab on right wall can play the bridge in front, but the meeting is automatic and retractile go. Make the best of time to run over, terminally when take off should can pay center island margin. At this moment above an idiocy is worn in ceaseless shout. Laughing at prince to be impassable it seems that. Or all around. Have chute, footplate, still have 4 pipe that sending Bai Guang. Look this is a large institution. Use insular center two spanner can rise whole island to drop or be controlled rotate.

OK at the beginning open the office of full day design of right, rise next one case, anticlockwise turn 270 degrees. Fall to be able to open office of total eclipse of the 2nd day namely.

Suitable hour hand turns 90 degrees. Fall below one case can open office of design of day annular eclipse. Rise one case; Changeover 90 degrees. Rise to the top to be able to open all office.

Nevertheless that is showing the door of aureate design to still was not opened, a ladder from the side goes up. Pull the rings that moves a head to go up to be able to be opened. A ring tab sees again after the mechanism that escapes ahead, look or belong to time to lock up the thing of and so on. Just the time that this ring tab gives you is a bit enougher, but way is longer. And still what move ceaselessly curium dish. Machine should be not difficult in the past when be certain. The battle in court is a warm up only. Still need to do tall difficulty next movement. After absorbing a in court gravel when; The stone that embeds that on cliff with successive pedal wall walks. Court center stone can rise. Go up again at this moment simple. The upstairs gravel when still can arrive on place last blue elfland. Drank pool center life value can be strengthened after water. Curium mobily back and forth on wall dish it is to be fed up with very. Should be hit the mark to be met by it alack alas. Machine past is very simple still when be certain. A time lock is after entering a gate not easily very. Here should nod skill. Want to avoid all sorts of institution namely, want to make the best of time to run over again. Inchoate place can a string of 1 from left in the past. Step on next mural mechanism to be able to let the Shi Yan on the side extend, borrow it to be able to climb with upgrade. Try a few responses m上海贵族宝贝论坛

ore this can go. Prince comes to former palace hall, discover Farra is in below an isolated force fights bravely. And adversary is him the father king that that demon changes. The blue that appears here grows war to cannot use pedal to jump a movement to it, can be chopped to come down by it otherwise. Eliminate small the BOSS that remains after is simple. Later princely very of cruel lost: It is not me old father!

Can fight side-by-side with the Farra of PL eventually. As it happens uses the eyewinker of ahead to try in the mixed doubles. A bit of frozen big iron gate does not have the meaning of automatic open. Be forced to look for switch by princely leap onto roofs and vault over walls first. Passed the corridor of the cave in, flagpole, a platform fell after housetop. Suitable clock direction rotates that spanner is OK the wooden door below open. Whirly catch lever to be in this can be those who use is delighted. Use the upgrade changing lever with this one ceaseless skill to climb. Circle to the front of the iron gate that a moment ago held off Farra to put her. The iron gate of ahead is being locked up. Than princely meeting nevertheless leap onto roofs and vault over walls still cannot be thought of of meaning is, farra unexpectedly can as a child only what an arm passes is small seam get the past. Not quite fortunately this cannot think of desire ability to continue to go forth. Match with Farra OK and relaxed jump is similar ” Ha Libo is special ” the can mobile stair in medium blackart school. Looking to from this is the room of storehouse. Two mechanism here need to go up to just can be opened with case pressing. A among them portable case is on one caboodle wooden case; It drags ability to be able to be used. Another left in storehouse (face an entrance door) the backside that the case piles.

Come to the outside, look remain those who need past of acrobatics movement ability上海贵族宝贝

one time. The case in stone cellar is being pulled open after entering enclosure has a hole inside discovery, farra can get the past to open the door for prince. This is the birdcage of Persia king, should go upstairs the top goes opening office. Difficulty of basic that’s all right, it is shift of last lever need only ability jumps across. Use cliff wall and truncal can swing a building to support. Also remain the play time of acrobatics movement next.

Need toes step on the wall catchs lever ability to open stair mechanism to let Farra come up. The first mechanism in the hole also is; Need walks to turn over pedal ability get at from tall hillock. Of ahead turn knife mechanism boils to be able to go with the ground. The door in ahead court needs to be mounted from right. A lot of large trees can be used for you. Jump first across SAVE is written down. Return next go up from right. The varietal condor above very be fed up with. Best and entire put sb out of the way advances again after them, otherwise by it on the way assault is miserable. Use case to block the attack that can escape it, chop it next. The when gravel in forgetting way. Open the door to that switch part too. Step on the cliff past bounce in front to catch a tree next. Issue the platform below smoothly. The wall outside toing step on directly here can arrive too before that gate.

The gravel when room wall is mural need not be in charge of it temporarily. Because go up,do not go. That statuary meeting before opening the door is moved to show a stone to seam after the eyewinker that kill light. Farra meeting therefrom goes in. Crossing a head to compare big prince is to enter what do not go; The stone that moves that resembles procrastinating to be being pressed to the mechanism on the side. Should take care in front place mallet, capture space to go down. Two lever here should move carefully dagger hole edge, to step on ability goes be being caught on the wall next. Can use across too turn over pedal to go up back and forth. Same thrill through places mallet. Applying all sorts of skill to mistreat an eyewinker also is pretty good thing Lie. Of the front statuary by have two office, use a door on the side of control. Or so both sides has a switch. Use those who control door of an activity wood. Use mural rail to be able to swing the past, but intermediate need uses post to be changed. After opening that wood door advance a megalith on the side. Want former road to return that room of the gravel when seeing next. Turned rock to former stair office to be able to go up. Room wall is used after the gravel when obtaining all around wave the thing of and so on of brim, clapboard reachs 2 floors. The hall that and Farra is returned here is in 2 buildings. There is a wooden ark to be able to be used on corridor. Pull it to the outstanding rail on wall to be able to be caught. A new knife can be obtained on an arcade-house of lobby upper part; Can chop with this break a few so not strong barriers. Return the corridor on, with knife see through that wood door can leave first floor, meantime has side wall already damaged, see it bad can take that place that drank water to be able to become strong allegedly again.

With that wall that bad God left throws after Farra is confluent. The cliff here is basic that’s all right is hard. What want an attention exclusively is two place place; One place is the first island after jumping to the platform below, should continue downward, to step on the wall arrives on another cliff next. In that island after the gravel when reclaiming, after needing below one to a string of 1, be in bounce across platform is OK. If jumping to go from the island directly…

The hall has field is evil bottle waiting for prince, and it is more advanced eyewinker. Singles is fought alone still go. But the enemy is like a swarm of bees; The proposal uses wall to rebound to use penknife disclose to enemy backside more, biff is killed surely. The way it’s nothing in front is difficult, observe observation can go more. Those who want an attention is, give the castle from 2 buildings outside when, duan Lu needs to turn over flagpole. Here end paragraph need is swung across frame house wall rebounds again the flagp上海贵族宝贝

ole above, did not forget to bolt by leap and fall here. The mechanism of the ground is very simple also, holding post in the arms to go. That big suspension bridge puts down the mechanism in pulling down a room namely.

The mechanical bridge in old hall needs to pull move the switch ability above to turn. Pull to platform prince on move ring tab to send one place high table Farra (need is pulled move ability twice to spark) . Let her go up pull move ring tab to make the bridge turns him one party. The stone of backside rank can go up. Use the Mu Qiao that rises to do fulcrum to jump across the breach on the wall. Go from rotational bridge and wooden ladder, need pedal wall is pulled move an impending ring tab ability to start body.

Block art to do with case after deciding the condor outside a so big bridge says to collapse unexpectedly. The Farra with body petite form can be gotten from the dog hole by the door, prince can be no good. The post of the bequeath that break the bridge and rail as it happens are used. Jumping to cliff to being had been being climbed next to left. Need uses two sides big cliff to make wall of or so pedal here, but the flag below can be inside the very short time of princely ground connection cave in, do not stay so. Run to the flag with temporarily in good condition left immediately, to step on mural leap clutchs staff next. Otherwise you also are met and drop like flag. In that platform of the gravel when obtaining the 2nd post is gone to on jump, if you tardy word prince meets immobile say how he is like vixenishly why…

The court of ahead is simpler, memorial dot is start, need passes ” single-plank bridge ” go across open mechanism. End paragraph condor is boredder. In case be beaten to go down by them and wall of or so pedal can be used from the stonewalling of right if falling dead. You need to return memory to nod the platform below to stepping on iron fence gate afresh after opening the office of a delay time below; If here is in ” single-plank bridge ” if going up not to make mistake, be to just time passes across; Try more a few.

There can be group of disgusting bats to atttack you when chute crosses difficult path, careful. Be not given blot by them. The cliff here and the place with hard that’s all right. What should do exclusively is careful observation; Operate accurately. The stalactite that those meetings rupture and board bridge are not sad. Those who want an attention is not to jump only wrong direction. Enter after the large hole that passes hole of a similar day, it is an old hall that is water everywhere. Need jumps to caught a string in the past from left earthy stage, next have the aid of waves brim comes to right. Now, prince also does a Mount Taishan, swing another cord from a cord.

Turn rock in the hole that enters right, the niche limit that advances it to the gravel when putting next goes up. Still use cord to swing left center cord next, fasten rapid move to be mounted first, there still are a gravel when and the place that enhance physical power in the hole on.

Swing a rope: The point that swings a rope stands in probably namely still have a body from cord extreme place, the recrudesce when waiting for cord to swing apogee jumps.

The floor of the room is spinal. Drop go be over. And the door switch of right is however on wall. Need past swinging a rope, here movement must coherent. And what cord cannot swing is too long, otherwise the door on assemble. Open white switch first, it is aureate next. Such stepping on be over aureate later face about can swing to go into the door. Of ahead in a limited time door time is enougher. Difficult still is that places mallet. The fight inside hall is not tough. The time that just lasts is longer just. Farra was found after breaking a few walls, continue to fight. After coming to an end… between the bosom that prince lies in Farra, good kind ah…

New office, was this to use light to become the key. Good the fancy that admires the group that make. The total illuminant that gets on corridor changes direction indoor, go in next evil fight one time. It is OK to debug each viewfinders a little. Want a light to aim hall the design of left of central big stone. (graph 12) jump from big stone across ” memorial archway ” cross 2 buildings from left next. The reverse side of the 2nd post has a switch, on the side of the word that open bookcase can be extended come, can to step on the wall goes up next. As to that viewfinder, do not turn same, wait for what can come back even anyway. Wall crosses to go up after going up curium dish across if can enter the place that enhances physical power. Prepare to do a Biadili to return next the headroom of the card is princely. Horizontal bar of balance beam + . Did not forget central high table to go up advocate viewfinder is right-handed 90 degrees.

Move two viewfinder just can illumination across on crystal, next the wall from the side ” fly ” in the past. Is what I say to you still can come back? Aim viewfinder on later, the meeting on wall extends flag to come. To last flag when, jump catch across cord, swing next across wall goes up. A viewfinder sees after wall of broken broken one side, again broken one side has a switch. Coming again is a crystal. What should do is everybody clear about cut down? Move the viewfinder of the in the way on corridor, next what rely on a wall then the face is moved, leave light to crystal with respect to OK. Wave from what the group that make prepares meticulously for you next brim can take a knife inside up and down. (very complex, so painstaking for knife = . = )

Go down the door that open. Just a gang eyewinker appears, as it happens takes them to try new weapon. Hum! Still be worthiness as expected. On dome some greatly the lamp, look mechanism is over there. The first platform arrives on, switch anticlockwise pull move 90 degrees. Catch lever to swing the past next. The switch on is same anticlockwise move 90 degrees. Swing next return among advocate on lamp wearing. Arrive again on the side another mechanism on wall. Projecting flag should be being extended below the attention have time restriction. After opening the door below can slip on the big steel cable from the side come down.

In a limited time mechanism is simpler, but the Dao Fu on wall blast however very be fed up with; Especially that places mallet greatly. Support incomplete brick breaks acrobatics of made of baked clay cord, the door in opening court eventually put Farra to come in. Fragmentary battle happens from time to tome; Be to got on for big BOSS to be in probably? Come to the outside eventually through growing long corridor. Central castle is in nearly very close. The gravel when the two place below the city wall did not forget to take. And when the gravel when prince goes choosing the 3rd on, the city wall collapsed unexpectedly. Then prince also fell.

Here is a jail probably. The everything needed is ready such as chains of instruments of torture. Go down from left wooden ladder; The switch on wall uses control splint. But time is restricted. Cannot stay more so, step on the past all the time. Just began not bad, some circular arc transfer, need not consider too much can go all the time. Again downward is 90 degrees corner however, after stepping on switch, should take off immediately, can bump into a wall to fall otherwise.

Wear an outfit in the jail the door on the side can be opened on the body that skeletal case drags right, a room of carry out a death sentence is probably inside. The wall of passageway right can be broken, as usual is the chance that can get physi上海贵族宝贝交流区

cal strength promotes. There is two times office on wall, control center respectively two cliff. After opening, want to use pedal of cliff of this two sides quickly to go up. Jump to go across from hanger next. Arrive on sometimes the platform of gravel, the office of wall both sides has time restriction. After walking directly OK bounce goes to another. The big well that goes to be able to end from which down wooden ladder came out.

Ha! I cry why 3 come back again! As the welcome, eyewinker nature is to give you to be beaten madly. If do not have,platform has a pool above manual word. After getting calm an eccentric person, need a right wood to wear the case lane that go up to come down to pay platform wall margin. Go up next open office. Had visited the central castle that the bridge went to that to tower, look final is battle to happen in attic certainly?

That times still has elevator unexpectedly, and still rotate. Just be a field that fight animal. The a gang’s extremely vicious eyewinker is in this is small place to the top of one’s bent mistreat you. Should notice to protect MM. Of the tower most top layer is a room Tibetan treasure unexpectedly. That gold coin of full ground! Then big sandglass also was put to be in in the middle of. Just when prince thinks reclaim when the when gravel that come is put into sandglass, that evil state division appears blast of part of speech blows prince and Farra.

Here is a coffin chamber, two people went edge memory to rise in the edge in darkness respective in one’s childhood. In darkness Farra disappeared, cross grow long whirly stair to arrive later an old hall. The door is all around. It is one labyrinthian and undoubted. Actually this labyrinthian very simple, circling these doors to go. Should hear have clang clang underwater acoustic when take that door. Circulated to be able to go all the time. Discover Farra bathes inside unexpectedly later; And the appearance that resembles be being washed very gladly together with prince fortunately, the eyes is a bit strange nevertheless. Ah! Without giving thought to! Went up to say again first. The knife that oneself discover after the result awakes and dagger were done not have. Certain Farra go off with thinks he goes a gravel when is new seal. The barehanded adversary that can not be an eyewinker. Run. A knife is being put on the central stage of a room, ultimate weapon. Want to defeat undeceive to inscribe ability to become first nevertheless. Very simple, want a light to aimed table center design to go only. ) chop defeat the door on the side, flagpole of have the aid of is swung across platform, knife trying an ox first. Chop the enemy to like what coming? Chop the enemy to fasten busy move to go up first. The separation of platform right goes down to enter the room inside, can promote physical strength. Turn over pedal to clutch staff on the wall that has pattern next, can go up again so platform. Post of have the aid of jumps to left bracket, jump to go across again next. Think bridge floor to must want to stand in the brim, to step on the wall goes up continuously next. The utensils that just sees Farra is carrying him on the back entered a tower in. Take off from tower right, capture flagpole to swing go up. Caught post to be able to go up. As a result of in front landform is narrow, more difficult put to good use opens hands or feet to cope with bat. So the proposal chops one knife go back to come, go up again next chop. There was not that dagger now, if wanting to fall, have to come afresh. Along whole castle exterior wave the place that brim crosses to do not have dome to, here should go down from the wall pedal outside.

Dry after a flock of underling, from left stone caboodle is mounted. Can see SAVE is nodded. Stone caboodle goes up again after going down to remember, climbing post to jump across. Jump from pole next across the cliff place of the cave in. Again the stair armrest that bounce answers a cave in. The deputy tower that one place lacked character needs to control pedal wall to go up. Jump to a deputy tower that has green dome all the way, go on therefrom next. Good climbed not easily, the Farra with puny discovery is in and demon people battle royal. Was hit finally, and resemble opera of most Hong Kong and Taiwan again same, prince rushed forward to capture the dagger in Farra hand. And Farra cannot bear princely painful and let go object below. Although the clue is old, but remain very touching Lie.

After dry helps tiger greatly, that state division appeared again. Indignant prince inserts dagger answered sandglass in, all when gravel that are released were sucked to return sandglass again in. Days begins to flow backwards, if all things returned the main force that father king leads again like as transient as a fleeting cloud just move when. Princely secretly sneaked away princess dormitory showed everything to her. However that state division shined to come in suddenly however. Final battle is simpler, that state division is a case block ace, it is not difficult that pedal wall turns over behead makes do. 3 dig two blow be in his overturn the ground.

This game is really very the feeling of bright. No matter behavioral continuity still is a picture. Mostly feeling very bright. Especially of all sorts of action type cooperate. Of course, the various ability confusing a problem in game are the sapiddest place. Some are very nerve-racking confuse a problem to be able to die you urgently really. But connect after closing, recall, hum. Actually much more attentive observation, bold practice; Operate accurately. These questions are not difficult. Once with ” segmentation ” and the Montreal of ovation is in eventually after nearly one year in be being made newly, did not feel to oneself black. Whole game plays the feeling that come down, just beginning is to treat as ” barrow beautiful shadow ” will play, but no matter still confuse a problem to wait to be mixed in mechanism difficulty,discover this game later ” ancient ” equal. And a bit the mainest, ” the gravel when ” the gut in really ” ancient ” what do not have. Become prince when Farra especially personal enemy of a conquered nation, then adjusts the attitude for the comrade-in-arms; It is next fall in love with him from the heart. Be in however however parting later obliterate all is opposite princely remember and he is fallen in love with in in the past. Be touching!

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