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Although breed artificially now holothurian increasing, but holothurian nutrient value still cannot be ignored quite. And with breed artificially holothurian rise quite, natural holothurian nutrition value will be richer, because this is right,nourishing action of the person also is met stronger. And use holothurian the congee that makes together with shelled fresh shrimps, flavour is delicious, nutrition is rich, get the praise highly of many everybody. Want to take the word of congee of holothurian shelled fresh shrimps so, how should be made?

Congee of holothurian shelled fresh shrimps

Practice one

Feed material detail

Advocate makings

Rice right amount

Holothurian 2

Shrimp 8 only

Complementary expect

Sweet Qin right amount

Salt right amount

Balm right amount

Cooking wine right amount

Chopped green onion right amount

Ginger silk is right amount

Salty delicacy taste

The craft that boil

A hour cost

Simple difficulty

The practice of congee of holothurian shelled fresh shrimps measure

Rice pan is put completely congee is boiled in boiler.

Shrimp goes line of shrimp of head flay winkle, bloat a little while with cooking wine and salt.

Holothurian and abluent.

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Section reserves.

Corn bead is abluent reserve.

Rice is boiled ropy.

Join corn bead.

Rejoin shelled fresh shrimps.

Shrimp a little erubescent join holothurian piece.

Ginger silk boils rejoin to arrive two minutes.

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Chopped green onion.

Add sweet Qin to break again, a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt is added before giving boiler, bai Hu any of several hot spice plants, salt, balm, boil a minute can.

Finish, can leave ate.

Congee of holothurian shelled fresh shrimps

Practice 2

Get ready advocate makings, holothurian, shelled fresh shrimps, dried scallop.

Cook rice first, add right amount water to boil 30 minutes.

Advocate makings cut man, join after congee is good boil 5 minutes can, spill chopped green onion and salt finally.


Congee of holothurian shelled fresh shrimps

Practice 3

Of congee of holothurian shelled fresh shrimps with makings


Shelled fresh shrimps


Olive oil

Ginger silk

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Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Chopped green onion

The practice of congee of holothurian shelled fresh shrimps measure

Measure 1

Good shrimp meat of holothurian bubble hair is abluent scatter a bit starch to had mixed

Measure 2

Millet congee is boiled very

Measure 3

Olive oil heated up boiler cool oil1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Next shelled fresh shrimps below Jiang Si fall to add holothurian conflagration to fry 5 minutes by the side of boiler of edge of one spoon cooking wine shelled fresh shrimps uses amylaceous bleb for a bit tenderer fry to go raw meat or fish is mixed give sweet smell

Measure 4

Add stew of small fire of peppery face salt ten minutes to scatter a bit chopped green onion to go out into millet congeeFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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