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Everybody most the method that often has yam, most propbably is yam chop soup perhaps is boiled make the yam congee that come out. And yam serves as blindly Chinese traditional medicine material, it can be used as medicine not only, still can treat as a dish. The cooked food that use yam makes is a medicinal food commonly, the medical effect effect that because yam is right,arrives since human body place is very apparent. If when human body occurrence cough symptom is treated not in time, bigger to body injury, can so yam treat cough?

Can yam treat cough

How does yam do relieve a cough: Yam pomegranate

Material: Yam is 100 grams, pomegranate, honey, unripe egg.


1, 100 grams cut unripe yam small, add water a bowl, air filters after boil cool.

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2, the juice that an acerbity pomegranate extracts rejoin, one spoon honey, unripe egg is yellow 2, mix even drinkable, daily 1. 1 ~ can get effective 2 days.

How does yam do relieve a cough: Sugar cane yam

Material: 120 grams give birth to juice of sugar cane of yam, 100 grams.

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Practice: Give birth to 120 grams yam pound, add juice of 100 grams sugar cane, put water steam is lain between inside boiler ripe, take the advantage of heat to take feed.

How does yam do relieve a cough: Yam white sugar

Material: Yam of gallinaceous skin coarse white sugar is right amount, right amount.

Practice: Yam grinds delicate last stage. Every time 12 grams, daily 2, add white sugar to fall into boiling water, take the advantage of heat to feed.

Can yam treat cough

How does yam do relieve a cough: 4 Baotian soup

Material: Half jins of flay cuts yam Ding Zhuang, tremella 2 two, lotus seed 3 two, longan is dry 2 two, rock candy (or fine saccharic) 4 two, water 8 cups.

Practice: First water of lotus seed, tremella bubble. Water adds lotus seed to boil first after preparation is finished soft, after add of rejoin yam, tremella, rock candy boils 3 minutes, put down longan doing to be boiled again can edible.

How does yam do relieve a cough: Preserve one’s health is sweet soup

Material: Preparative tremella is shape of mud of wear of flay of 10 fair grams, yam, red jujube 20 bead, rock candy man of right amount, fruit is potted one canister.


1, water of the bubble in preparing the Xian Gongzao after finishing, tremella to put water expands, again willSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The tremella puts fruit juice machine to add 500cc equipment is destroyed in waterFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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2, again tremella oar, will red jujube, agitate of border of yam mud edge is joined to add fruit man finally after right amount rock candy places the water that 1 liter adds in boiler to be boiled can edible.

Can yam treat cough

How does yam do relieve a cough: Soup of yam beautiful flavour

Material: Yam half jins, winter bamboo shoots 4 two, red turnip piece 6Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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Piece, pea 1 two, foreign stay of proceedings 3, water 6 cups.


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1, yam, winter bamboo shoots, foreign stay of proceedings cuts chip.

2, after water is boiled, put all material to be boiled together to ripe, enter flavoring can.

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