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Firedrake fruit is very delicious fruit, a lot of people like edible. Often edible firedrake fruit also has a lot of profit to the body, its nutrient value and officinal effect are very tall, have a lot of profit to the body. Firedrake fruit can have beautiful white skin and the effect that reduce weight, extract juice to also can increase rich mouthfeel together with other fruit, but after wanting to notice to extract juice with firedrake fruit, milk cannot be added inside.

Firedrake fruit adds what fruit to extract juice

Firedrake fruit can extract juice with what

Firedrake fruit suits He Ping fruit, yangtao, orange, xue Li, carrot, snow lotus fruit, watermelon, etc, it is good to extract juice, extractForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Good hind the lemon juice that increase a point, increase bright season, protect the content of the vitamin C in fruit juice, fight oxidation, antiseptic effect.

Firedrake fruit adds what fruit to extract juice

The effect of firedrake fruit

1. prevents hemal sclerosis. The cyanine element content in firedrake fruit fructification is higher, especially the breed of red meat. Cyanine element is the antioxidant with a kind of apparent effectiveness, can prevent hemal sclerosis effectively, can prevent heart attack and hematic clot to form the head that cause thereby apoplectic; it still can defy freedom radical, fight anile; effectively to still can raise pair of heads the precaution of cell denaturation, restrain the happening of gawkish disease.

2. discharges poison to protect a stomach. The rarer plant sex albumin in general vegetables and fruits is contained a lot ofin firedrake fruit, fruit of this kind of white egg firedrake that has active is met in vain be united in wedlock automatically with the heavy metal ion inside human body, through evacuating systematic eduction put oneself in another’s position outside, have alexipharmic effect thereby.

3. beauty reduces weight in vain. The vitamin C that firedrake fruit contains a lot ofskin of beautiful Bai Pi and rich having reduce weight, reduce large intestine of bowel of blood sugar, embellish, precaution cancerous water-solubility is prandial fiber.

4. prevents anaemia. The quantity containing iron in firedrake fruit wants than general fruit tall, iron is to make haemoglobin and other iron pledgeFall in love with the sea

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The element with indispensable material, absorb right amount iron to still can prevent anaemia character.

Firedrake fruit adds what fruit to extract juice

The edible of firedrake fruit is no-no

1, unfavorable Yu Niu suckles firedrake fruit to be fed together, meeting influence is digested.

2, firedrake fruit belongs to cool sex, have look cadaverous, limb is lack of power, often diarrhoea the person that wait for cold sex constitution of the symptom is unfavorable eat; more and female menstruation is unfavorable also edible firedrake fruit.

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3, firedrake fructose component is high, diabetic person is unfavorable feed more.

4, the crowd of constitution of obstruction of the circulation of vital energy, phlegmy wet constitution, Yu blood constitution also should be fed less.

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, pregnant woman eats plant sex albumin is contained a lot ofin wanting discreet firedrake fruit, the pregnant woman of allergic constitution wants careful feed.

6, although firedrake fruit is to eat the meat inside, but skin also should be cleaned clean, dissection again edible, lest the bacteria is polluted.

7, firedrake fruit belongs to intertropical fruit, had better buy now eat now, if need to save, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Should put in shady and cool and ventilated place, and in be not being put in freezer, lest frostbite is very fast instead degenerative.

8, the local Yue Gongyue of red of firedrake fruit surface is good, green part also should be jumped over green fresher, if green part becomes withered and yellow, already expressed namely not fresh, had better eat less.

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