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We are little in living at ordinary times not draft fruit, the fruit contains a lot ofall sorts of vitamins, all sorts of vitamins that place of OK and compensatory human body needs the fruit. Pomegranate is the fruit with a kind of enough moisture, pomegranate tastes compare Gan Tian, pomegranate can complement human body all sorts of vitamins, pomegranate is OK still hairdressing is raised colour, very good to the skin, a lot of eat goods not to know pomegranate to be able to be drunk in order to extract juice, can pomegranate extract juice? Next we look.

Can pomegranate extract juice

One. Can pomegranate extract juiceLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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? — how does pomegranate extract juice:

Pomegranate can extract juice

1, pick fresh pomegranate a certain number of.

2, go to a supermarket buying a simple and easy hand to move next profiling to extract juice implement. (General 15 yuan or so, plastic) .

3, want pomegranate flay only seed is put extract juice implement in extrude juice.

4, put the cold storage in freezer to wait have white sedimentary sink.

5, clear partial teem other threw (Shanghai night net

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If hate to part with,put honey more, ) of otherwise acerbity mouth.

6, it is OK to put honey to drink (look for a beautiful cup outfit, the effect better)

2. How does pomegranate choose:

1, anthology time

Pomegranate fruit is ripe period for 9 ~ in October, these two month are pomegranate maturity character has assuring period most, also be the optimal period that chooses pomegranate to eat pomegranate consequently.

2, weight of weigh in hand

Take pomegranate, estimation issues its weight, can choose two pomegranate to feel next weight by turns with a hand, usually, the pomegranate of same size is compared that againer fresh, juice much mouthfeel is good. And do not accord with size apparently of all weight it is this pomegranate itself commonly be blasted or had deposited for a long time, had produced metamorphism possibly even.

Can pomegranate extract juice

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3, see the skin of fruit

Check the side outside pomegranate peel. Should ensure above all on peel nonexistent the area with any mildew apparently nigrescent perhaps spot, because appear,these circumstances show pomegranate is basic already degenerative decay. Additional exocarp is close fact without ruffle, ripple or crack, this is the assurance with fresh pomegranate.

4, see color

Observe the color of pomegranate, the color of general and fresh pomegranate is more bright-coloured, can have light red, and hair of cuticular brighter and rather than is darkForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
, the yellow with a bit additionally light pomegranate (without wither shape) general more Gan Tian, but of cyan white it is crudely, too red bask in continuously for sunshine commonly also too won’t sweet, moisture content is common.

5, by press pomegranate

Gently extruding pomegranate, can feel a kind of good real sense. If press,go up more loose perhaps have a kind of empty feeling, such pomegranate is general quality won’t be too good, the pomegranate of hard fact at least for it is fresher.

6, smell odour

Fresh pomegranate won’t have apparent taste commonly, if pomegranate produces decay of a few pathological changes, pass odour to be able to discern easily.

7, if can of really true fact seeing fructification is undoubted is the directest and efficient way, but a lot of moment are not actual, but the quality is high pomegranate for flank not only the exterior is beautiful, peel also is more fragile. Choose a few additionally big, but not must very regular. Believe to be able to help you carry good pomegranate certainly through afore-mentioned methods.

3. How to pare quickly pomegranate:

1, the fruit the base of a fruit of cut away both ends.

2, sidewards annulus is cut, a few more shallow good, do not want injury and the flesh of fruit.

Can pomegranate extract juice

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
3, along cut mark to be broken.

4, take half, put in salver, the take advantage of an opportunity that use a hand is being turned over break (had no more arguments, this description, I know, young associate people very clever) .

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1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

5, break pomegranate bead from the front again come down.

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